Word Games That Can Improve Your Vocabulary

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Word games enthusiast and crossword junkies are in absolute luck if they are iPad users. App Store offers a lot of word games that can satisfy your word-building cravings. However, with lots of games available, it isn’t easy to choose the best one to keep you busy. Whether you prefer to build words, find words, or compose sentences, try some of these games to keep your mind and hands busy at all times. Improve your skills and grow your vocabulary with this fun word games.

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Just in many other word games, this game’s goal is to find all the words with three or more characters that can be taken from the given scrambled word. Unlike many other games of this type, Jumble can be played with sentences of five, six, or seven letters. In most games, you will only get words with five letters. In Jumble, you can also adjust the time limit, which could give you the satisfaction of finishing a long sentence of a seven-letter word.


Moxie is a word-building game that has a unique take on word gaming. Within a sequence of letters, you have to place each letter of one in the three tables on which you order and re-shape three words. Keep putting the sentences together, and you will continue to earn points. Destroy a piece of the letter, and you will throw points away too.

Library Worm

Like the online game of the same name, this program introduces a blackboard with random letters. When these letters disappear, the columns fall, and new ones are added. Also, there are longer distances, including the urgency of the game. In this case, the strategy is to avoid a large number of common letters, as this increases the concentration of difficult letters, making it more and more difficult to generate new words.


In case you want more challenging Scrabble game, you can always get the original version. This game app allows you to calibrate the difficulty from easy, average, or difficult. Playing the hard setting is a great way to enhance your defense gaming skills. “Easy” setting is truly easy. If you are an average player, you should opt for a “Normal” setting.