The tech space changes so quickly that sometimes it is very hard keeping up with it. For instance, the advent of smartphones changes the way we communicate, get entertainment and even how we transact in our everyday endeavors. Owning a smartphone these days is a must, and ensuring that you get the best service from them requires one to know their true value. There are so many things that a person can do with their smartphone, and we will be highlighting some of these things to create awareness and illustrate the importance of these powerful albeit powerful computational devices.

Why you should own a smartphone

Powerful camera

These days, the prime feature of choosing a smartphonems nmdvsaldvlsldkvnlksadnvklsdavnslakndvasdv seems to be the camera, or at least that is what most manufacturing companies seem to invest most in. With any smartphone, you get a very powerful camera that can take clear images, sometimes evenĀ better than the standalone camera. These days, you can get phones that take better video quality that a DSLR camera. This is better and even cheaper for an indie filmmaker to start out with.

Read books

With phones that have 5 inches display, it is very easy to comfortably read books. This is economical if you gauge it from the view of environmental conservation. It also eliminates the need to print and ship books. With a smartphone, you can read a lot of books, and learn so much comfortably.


It might not seem a viable choice for entertainment, but once you try it, you will realize that there is so much more that a smartphone has to offer. You can play high-quality movies, some that even regular TV cannot play. You can also stream movies over the Internet using dedicated native application, creating a better watching experience. Also with the introduction of accessories such as Google Cardboard and other VR solutions, one can watch movies on a virtual theater, and play other entertaining VR games using their phones.

Surf the internet

Every smartphone has a web brolskndvlasnldkvnlkasdnvlkaslkdvnlkasdvasdwser that can quickly and efficiently surf the web, even better than some third generation computers. This is very useful in reducing the digital gap in the world. These days, a person in a marginalized area, like Africa, has access to the same information a person in New York sited in their apartment. Access to the internet has been declared a human right by the United Nations, and smartphones are playing a huge role in making that a reality for everyone.